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As Giving Tuesday unfolds, we invite you to join hands with Holy Trap Ministries in making a significant impact on our community. Our mission extends beyond traditional boundaries, as we channel revenue into local charities and non-profits dedicated to serving the greater good.

*The Power of Holy Trap Ministries: Giving Back to Elevate Lives*

At Holy Trap Ministries, we believe that giving is a powerful force for positive change. By donating revenue to local charities and non-profits, we amplify their ability to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve. Together, we create a ripple effect of generosity that resonates throughout our community.

*Clothing Voucher Program: A Beacon of Compassion*

Our clothing voucher program is a testament to our commitment to leaving no one behind. This initiative reaches far and wide, ensuring that no member of our community goes without basic clothing, food, and other essential items. The vouchers, issued at no cost, empower individuals and families to access the necessities they require for a dignified life.

*Collaboration with Community Outreach Groups*

Holy Trap Ministries collaborates closely with various community outreach groups, including the Salvation Army, Children and Families organizations, doctors’ offices, churches, schools, and more. Through these partnerships, we receive referrals from those in need, ensuring that our support reaches those who need it most.

*Your Contribution Matters: “We Believe In Giving”*

As we approach Giving Tuesday, your support becomes a catalyst for positive change. Every donation and purchase made with Holy Trap Ministries contributes to the realization of our motto: “We Believe In Giving.” It’s not just a phrase; it’s a commitment to creating a community where everyone has access to the essentials of life.

*Join Us in Making a Difference!*

Your generosity on Giving Tuesday will resonate far beyond the moment of giving. It will echo in the lives touched by the programs and initiatives supported by Holy Trap Ministries.

Join us in giving to be part of this transformative journey!

Thank you for considering Holy Trap Ministries as your choice for Giving Tuesday. Together, we can make our community stronger, more compassionate, and filled with hope.


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